Total Maritime Service

Total Maritime Service is the company behind the Crane Test-Load Gauge (CTG), the only patented device of its kind. The company provides safe, accurate, and cost-effective proof load test weights as well as inspections and certification. Using our certified test weights, we can provide USDL/OSHA, WISHA, as well as Independent 3rd Party proof load testing.

CTG’s dynamic testing approach is superior to other methods, which involve pre-weighed cement blocks, handling of multiple weights, spreaders, and wire slings. With our device we greatly reduce exposure to personal injury and multiple tests can be achieved without the need to take time and labor for adding and readjusting weights.

Total Maritime Service - Crane Test Load Gauge

The CTG dynamic testing can:

  • Safely and easily provide proof loads up to 100 short tons
    • Higher values can be arranged upon request
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Test all types of cranes, both ashore and afloat including:
    • Container
    • Bridge
    • Whirly
    • Mobile
  • Test spreaders and other fabrication
  • Be transported to any job site
  • Provide accurate calibration traceable to National Bureau of Standards (NBS)
  • Provide a certified weight with a high degree of accuracy
  • Provide documentation for certified proof loads