About Us

Total Maritime Service, Marine Surveyors & Consultants, and Allied Crane Inspections enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska in providing OSHA, WISHA, and Independent 3rd Party inspections and certifications, in both the maritime and construction industries. Over the last nearly five decades, Total Maritime Service, Ltd., has built a company that is respected by private and commercial industry customers and government agencies alike.

As the parent company, Total Maritime Service, Ltd., provides the Crane Test-Load Gauge (CTG) for accurate testing and collaboration of all types of cranes, ashore and afloat, for loads up to 100 short tons. Under the umbrella of TMS, is Marine Surveyors & Consultants, which inspects a wide range of maritime cranes, and other material handling equipment, ranging from conveyors to grain elevators. They are the only company in Oregon OSHA-certified for maritime work. Our third company, Allied Crane Inspections, provides inspections on construction, commercial, and industrial cranes from Oregon to Alaska.

Our Team

Bob Billstein, the Owner and Principal Surveyor of Total Maritime Service, is an 11-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard. His service in the Coast Guard has influenced our company’s focus on proactive, client service. Like the Coast Guard, our team is “Semper Paratus – Always Ready” — Customers know we will be there when they need us.

Our office staff manages the office, arranges scheduling, and seeks to build a professional and cordial relationship with all clients. They are the communications hub between the three companies and our team of highly qualified inspectors.

Our  History

The roots of Total Maritime Service date back to 1972 when Bob’s father formed Marine Surveyors & Consultants. The company has been servicing ports throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years. In 1991, Bob formed Total Maritime Service, to fill a very specific need: a safe, accurate, and cost-effective solution for inspecting and certifying all types of cranes, ashore and afloat. Then in 2001, Allied Crane Inspections was formed to perform comprehensive inspections and certification on construction, commercial, and industrial cranes throughout Oregon and Washington.