Allied Crane Inspections

Performs inspections on construction, commercial, and industrial cranes from Oregon to Alaska. With our proactive approach, Allied Crane Inspections will make sure you are in compliance with your OSHA, WISHA, or 3rd Party certification requirements.


Comprehensive Crane Inspection

We are committed to creating safe work environments through comprehensive crane and lifting gear inspections for construction, commercial, and industrial applications. Our inspections come with a detailed report, listing items of concern, and certificates that meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations.

Certified Test Weights

Allied Crane Inspections can provide certified test weights up to 100 short tons through the use of the patented Crane Test-Load Gauge. Mobile weights can furnish certified weights in most situations. The cost of transporting traditional test weights, usually made of steel or concrete, often makes their use cost-prohibitive. Through our use of the CTG proof-load test, we can accurately proof load your equipment while reducing costs.

Below is a partial list of equipment that we inspect.

• Construction Cranes
• Highway Cranes
• Mobile Cranes
• Rough Terrain Cranes
• Crawler Cranes
• Lattice Boom Cranes
• Truck Cranes

• All Terrain Cranes
• Boom Trucks
• Overhead Cranes
• Gantry Cranes
• Locomotive Cranes
• Carry Deck Cranes
• Container Cranes

• Portal Cranes
• Port Cranes
• Whirly Cranes
• Maritime Cranes
• Jibs
• Articulating Cranes
• Monorail Cranes

Other Equipment:

• Rigging
• Below the Hook Lifting devices

• Hoists
• Chain Falls

• Spreader Bars
• Hook Blocks