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We will be there when you need us

Total Maritime Service, Marine Surveyors & Consultants, and Allied Crane Inspections enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the Pacific Northwest maritime and construction industry. Over the last nearly five decades, Total Maritime Service, Ltd., has built a company that is respected by private and commercial¬†industry customers and government agencies alike. We pride ourselves on our customer-centered service and our team of dedicated professionals. We provide dependable, high quality service at a reasonable cost, saving our customers both time and money. We help our customers remain compliant, providing them with thorough reports and all of the necessary certifications. We WILL be there…when you need us.

Our Companies

Allied Crane

Performs thorough inspections on construction, commercial, and industrial cranes from Oregon to Alaska. With our proactive crane inspections, we will make sure you remain compliant with your certification requirements.
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Marine Surveyors & Consultants

Performs OSHA. WISHA, and Independent 3rd Party maritime inspections throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska. This includes inspections, surveys, and examinations of maritime equipment, including lifting gear, conveyors, chip and grain elevators, and spouts. Recommendations and documentation are provided that will ensure compliance with all Federal and State safety requirements.
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Total Maritime

The company behind the Crane Test-Load Gauge (CTG), the only patented device of its kind. The company provides safe, accurate, and cost effective crane inspections and certifications.
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